Surveillance and Law Enforcement

The Next Generation Helicopter for Safety and Observation Mission.

5 h
430 nm
Low noise signature

For Police missions, aerial utility, obeservation flights, surveys and filming, your operations will benefit from multi-attachment prepared flat-floor, a vertical reference window for an improved monitoring of the ground environment.

Making the best of the fast cruise speed of 260 km/h (140 knots) the mission will also benefit from the very long endurance and range.


Technical data

Maximum Take-off Weight with Internal Load
2,850 kg 6,284 lbs
1 Pilot + up to 8 Passengers
Sling-load capacity
1,500 kg 3,300 lbs
Maximum operational weight with External Load
3,000 kg 6,614 lbs
Power Plant
Maximum Take-off Power (thermodynamic power equivalence)
1,020 hp 760 kW
Fast cruise speed (at MTOW)
260 km/h 140 kts
Maximum Range (with standard fuel tanks)
800 km 430 nm
Maximum Endurance (with standard fuel tanks)
3.7 hrs to 5 hrs
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